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12V/24V IBS Ultra Sine Inverter 1600W/230V/50Hz

The small and very light (5.5kg) power inverter has been designed to handle appliances with high surge demand up to 4.5kW.

Various protection circuits (short circuit, under and over voltage, overload, surge control (DSC) and overheating) will guarantee best functionality.

Galvanic insulation between battery and AC-output offers safe operation.

If no appliances are attached the inverter returns after a time delay to the power saving stand-by mode.

The optional remote control (RP03, to be used with US40/US80/US160) makes the control of the inverter easy and convenient. We recommend using batteries with a capacity of 150Ah or more to back up the inverter sufficient.

4 new aluminium mounting feet make installation easy and secure.

Inverter Applications:

  • 4WD, service and emergency vehicles, police, mobile homes,
  • mountain huts, telecom stations, coaches. 

The lightweight and compact IBS inverter of the corresponding output class are able to operate a large number of applications (see table 'Ultra Sine Inverter "). Please apply the recommended battery capacity to achieve the maximum efficiency observed.

  • Pure sine wave output
  • Start power 3.2-4.5kW with Dynamic Surge Control (DSC) monitors
  • New and improved cooling performance for best power at high ambient temperature
  • Robust design with aluminum housing
  • Cover and soil powder coated new
  • New mounting feet for easy professional installation
  • Intelligent discharge protection with uControllerüberwachung
  • External power terminal for + / - battery terminals M8
  • Optional remote control new RP03

Datasheet US Inverter 12V/24V/1600W/230VAC/50Hz

Order - Nr. US160/12V/230V US160/24V/230V
types generation G4 G4
Rated power output 1600W (TA+40°C) 1600W (TA+40°C)
Surge Power. 4500W max. 4500W max.
System battery voltage 12V 24V
System voltage at the output AC 230VAC/50Hz 230VAC/50Hz
AC output waveform 100% pure Sinus 100% pure Sinus
230V connector versatile appliances coupler to accept an adapter plug for any country versatile appliances coupler to accept an adapter plug for any country
Input voltage range 11.8V off, Reset 12.3V on, 23.6V off, Reset 24.6V on,
  15.5V off, Reset 14.5V on, 31V off, Reset 29V on,
  <10.5V instant shutdown <21V instant shutdown
Undervoltage shutdown dynamic, power-compensated dynamic, power-compensated
Internal power:    
No Load consumption 1.2A 0.8A
Stand-by consumption 0.3A 0.15A
Off 5mA 4mA
Maximum current consumption 350ADC 160ADC
Efficiency >90 % >91%
Technology high frequency high frequency
  dual processor dual processor
  galvanic isolation galvanic isolation
Security features Over / Under Voltage Over / Under Voltage
  Overtemperature Overtemperature
  Overload / Current Limit Overload / Current Limit
  short current short current
  Dynamic Surge Control (DSC) Dynamic Surge Control (DSC)
Protection wrong polarity /internal fuse wrong polarity /internal fuse
Cooling tunnel cooling/monitored by uProc. tunnel cooling/monitored by uProc.
Temperature range -20°C...+50°C -20°C...+50°C
Casing aluminum aluminum
Seal IP40 IP40
Remote Control RP03 as option RP03 as option
Cable / terminal 2x50mm2/M8 2x25mm2/M8
Weight 12.1 lbs /5.5kg 12.1 lbs /5.5kg
Dimensions [mm] LengthxWidthxHeight 455x260x85mm 455x260x85mm
CE approval yes yes

Changes to specifications without prior notice!

Do not hesitate to contact your local dealer for further information!

Pictures during the development of US160/12V

US160 FET-Bridge
US160 Controller Print
US160 Back to Terminal Connection

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US160/12V 1600 W
Terminal for connection
US160/12V with coffee maschine
remote control panel RP03 (Option)
US160 rear view with terminal