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IBS Thun and Oekoladen Thun are jointly undertaking a pilot project in the field of renewable energy.

Marlene Feller, Business Owner from Oekoladen Thun, runs from Friday 28 July for 2 months above Adelboden towards Alp Bütschi a group of various animals. The six dairy cows must be milked every day 2 times, because the IBS comes into play. The task was to build a mobile (portable) power system with solar technology, which reliably operates the milking parlor and various small consumer to replace electrical generators on the Alps. The solar system has the advantage that it works reliably without noise or exhaust fumes.

The solar plant with a maximum output of 800Wp has been established after thorough testing experiments and consists of 2 IBS SK400 (400Wp/48V) portable solar panels which conversion technology with the four supplied 24V 150Ah Solar Batteries and a modern MPP solar controller. The batteries provide an energy of about 3kWh at a constant load of 1 kW, which provides a residual energy of 50%. The average loading capacity is 20A at 29V. In normal milking and good sunlight, the batteries are recharged after 3h. An integrated data logger is there to supply via a connected laptop detailed information about all system parameters. The energy for the milking machine is transformed by a new IBS High-inverter with 1600W power supply from 24VDC to 230VAC. This highly compact and highly efficient inverter was developed specifically for a client in the automotive industry and is now available in several versions for demanding applications.

An investment in this style can be used for many different applications:

  • Allotments

  • Emergency power system in case of flood / disaster situations

  • Mobile power supply for military use

  • SAC huts

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