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Expedition 4x4 in the Balkans 5.-11. October 2019

The trip from Thun to Durres in Albania was partly organized by 5 Mountains and took us in 2 weeks through 7 countries, 5000km of total driving distance, of which 1800km were off-road and over countless passes with a height difference of 20'000m led.

The 5 Mountains Tour starts in Izola with about 100 off-road vehicles. Various camps and hotels along the trip were organized, where we stayed in Montenegro and Albania 2 times at dizzy altitude 1800m in solitude.

The route led through very lonely areas through very impressive mountain and alpine landscapes. The routes were moderately difficult, 2 routes were a bit more demanding because of mud and leaching. The endless off-road driving (over 12 hours a day) required a lot of concentration. Many areas still show signs of war after 25 years. Except for a few exceptions in the hotels we had ourselves fed. The historic town in Mostar was a welcome break in the journey and we visited the reconstructed bridge which was blown up by the Croats during the war. The tasteful hotel atmosphere of the Mepas 5 star hotel in Mostar offered a strong contrast to the mud and the cold of the last days and the partial poverty of the rural population.

Have fun looking at the pictures
Beat Wyss

100 Offroad cars ready to start in Izola Slovenia
IBS LandCruiser 150 with sheep dog on Bosnian Mountain Track
Bosnian Alpine Area
Steep track at Sudjeka Pass in Montenegro
IBS LandCruiser 150 Lightforce night driving
Repair job, offroading takes its toll
IBS LandCruiser on the trail of a muddy mountain route
IBS LandCruiser 150 navigation equipment
IBS LandCruiser 150 on steep descent Montenegro
Side by Side on Quads on tour

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Bosnische Alpen
Blidinje Jezero Bosnien
Lager Trsa Montenegro
Lager Korita Montenegro
Vellebit Kroatien

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